“Like a cross between Zippy from Rainbow and The Night of the Living Dead”

I was born in Nottinghamshire. My childhood was a very uncomplicated affair, I spent most of my time riding BMX bikes and playing football.

I went to school in a pit town just outside Nottingham. I didn’t like school all that much, but I loved to draw on things. Despite my abysmal A-level results, I earned a place on the Foundation Course at West Notts College. It was like an escape hatch. I liked hanging out with the freaks; I still like hanging about with freaks..

I ended up winning the student of the year award and as part of a bet/dare from my fashion tutor applied to study fashion design at St.Martins. Despite knowing nothing about the reputation of the college and its alumni, I got in. There were even more freaks for me to hang out with. I didn’t really enjoy making clothes all that much, but I still enjoyed drawing on things!

A few years after I graduated from the MA I began to sell my drawings.

I’ve worked for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Missoni, Hugo Boss, Becks and Vans. I have designed a range of ‘Will Broome for Topshop’ t-shirts and designed a dinner service for Wedgwood to celebrate their 250th anniversary.

I have exhibited in London and Paris, and sold to private collectors in New York, Paris, London and Copenhagen. Amongst others, I have been featured in POP magazine, Dazed & Confused, Wallpaper, I-D, the Guardian and WGSN.

I work in quite a naive way. I like the simple act of drawing, of making a mark. I can draw in a much more sophisticated style; I just choose to work like this. I don’t really like anything too slick or computer generated. I also work in collage - even when I do this it looks haphazard.

I’m not sure I am an illustrator, I think I might be an artist. A friend of mine suggested that I am a romantic artist because I am drawn to the dispossessed and that is quite a romantic ideal.

I am inspired by lots of things. Normally it’s stuff I see on toilet walls and the street when I am riding my bike. I still like the things I liked when I was 11 AC/DC, Black Sabbath, graphics from the ‘70’s, Spiderman, stickers, The Incredible Hulk.

Behind the happy go lucky facade there is a darkness to my work.

Will Broome